Saturday, March 21, 2009

Liberating Poor People

Poverty is not the problem, poor people are the problem. I grew up poor and my battle to be well off was mainly with myself, not someone else.

First, I had to be changed on the inside. I was similar to many of my adolescent friends in that I was crazy about the things that kept me poor. Sex, alcohol, fast cars and running around like a Tom Cat. I was not interested in books, classes and paying attention, let alone hard work. I always laughed at the joke that I had an allergy problem. I was allergic to hard work.

But God intervened and knocked me off the horse I was riding furiously toward Sodom and Gomorrah and got my attention. He said loudly and directly, "Choose this day whom you will serve." The only possible answer had to be, "You Lord, have the answers to life."

Shortly afterward God had an even bigger surprise for me by telling me to quit my factory job at Dowzer Electric where I repaired transformers so I could sign up to attend college. Wow! that was a shocker.

So, the two keys to leaving poverty were a changed life and attendance at college. I stopped drinking and carousing and did very well in college. I learned that I had some ability to think, do my lessons and enjoy a clean and sober life. After those insights financial health was easy.

There is no mystery to wealth. Self discipline, hard work, education and saving your money. Simple but not easy in this super heated environment of addictive buying.

I do believe that knowing Jesus brings to most an abundant life of health, wealth and wisdom. But not by helping them reap without sowing or winning the lottery. Life within limits and without the pretensions of ego and anyone can become well off.

I had the advantage of two great parents and some wonderful grand parents who helped me, taught me and trained me to treat others well while working hard and investing in good things. The great barrier to wealth and health is a single parent home. Men acting like Tom Cats and impregnating women with no intention of caring for their offspring. These men ought to be roundly condemned not supported by public figures.

Marriage of one man to one woman for one life is the healthiest norm there is for a good life. It is not something that requires brilliance or luck. Just a godly change and self discipline.

Gary Sweeten

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