Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Emergency Prayer Request

I spent over an hour on the telephone to our overseas ministry head tonight and she is very anxious about the political situation in her country. The pressure is being put on her and the place she rents for ministry. It looks as though we will lose it and thus lose a very important place to meet, train Christian leaders and develop healthy churches.

She is in desperate need to find a new place. Her city is one of the most expensive in the world and she lives on a shoe string.

First, pray for her protection and the protection of her team. The forces of power do not appreciate our kind of Christians.

Second, pray for a new place to meet, teach and operate the office.

Third, pray for inexpensive rent.

Fourth, pray for finances. The team members work but income is low. They need money for travel , computers, materials, publishing, etc.
Send your support to

Sweeten Life Systems

P.O. Box 498455

Cincinnati, Ohio 45249

Special Project: Missions

It is hard for Americans to see how tough it is to minister in many overseas locations. Please ask the Lord to give us empathy for the brothers and sisters who labor every day to preach the gospel among the most desperate people in the world.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Healing, Growth and the Church

Believers Sharing Life

A very
influential book in 2007 was called, Reveal . It was published by The Willow Creek Association and explained at their last Leadership Forum. (See the Seasoned Believers blog for more on the book.)

Willow decided to test their philosophy by sending out a survey to several hundred members of different WC Association churches to ask them how things were going. They discovered that some things were going well and some were going badly. It would be fair to say that getting people to attend one of the Seeker Churches and get involved in activities was successful. However, after staying a while, a high percentage of their folks had problems.

Programs, no matter how good, and marketing with entertaining music and talks to big groups do not help people work through the issues and problems of life. Many who responded to the WC survey hit walls of pain, problems and the pits. They were described as having "Stalled" as a result. From my reading, it does not appear that the WC association has anything like a plan, process or program to help people face and deal with their emotional, relational and spiritual issues.

In order to grow in faith, maturity and stature every Christian needs a community of skilled, seasoned believers to provide mutual support, care, prayer and counsel. My research indicates that 100% of a church will turn first to family and friends when they encounter a problem. After that over 40% will seek out help from a church leader while less that 10% will go to a professional counselor.

By training everyone in the church family to listen carefully, think clearly and pray constantly each member has someone to facilitate their movement through both healing and growth. Out of the members who learn the basic skills can be selected a few who learn the deeper skills of spiritual friendship, healing conversations and renewed thinking so they can provide para-professional care and counsel at the pastor's side.

People grow best in a dynamic interactive community. They do not grow spiritually, emotionally or relationally by sitting in large groups listening to a speaker. Caring processes keep us moving ahead.

The above photos shows the best model for Christian growth by applying the Bible and their gifts to a common issue.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Let the Little Children Come to Me

Standing in front of 200 or so people, most of whom I have known since the Seventies, was thrilling. There were people in attendance to honor Deb and Tom that had been out of my life and memory for thirty or forty years.

Thanks to Michael Cristiani and Barb Hine for http://Lovedebsmith.blogspot.com. These old friends got the word from the blog that Deb was ill and needed our love and support. When she passed into the realm of God's eternal reality they were there to weep over our loss and rejoice over our hope.

It was a trip just seeing people like Randy Moody whose Gospel song, The Kingdom, was written decades ago yet fit perfectly for Deb's Day of Resurrection. He, Don Patton, Rick Hine and the Madeira boys had disturbed the peace at many Christian Churches and now act almost like grown ups as they sport a bit of gray in their hair.

Marcus O'Hara, Terry Fisher and Kent Oder reminded us of the great fun and the powerful days of the Mt. Healthy Jesus House. Where did the days and all the long hair go? (Terry still wears velvet jackets like a Rolling Stone.)

When God decided to pour out His Spirit on sons and daughters, old men and young men, servants and savants he decided to do it during the Decade of the Hippies. Had it been up to one of the conservative pastors of my youth it would have fallen only on graduates of Moody Bible College or another similarly straight laced group.

But, God being the sovereign Lord of the universe and full of all kinds of surprises, did it His way. He selected a gaggle of guys and gals with wild eyes and wilder hair. These were people populating college campuses, high schools and seminaries and were ready to break out of the old ways and old days of churchianity's. The stifling 1930's styles of music, clothing and hair were soon passe and Rock Music, beards and long hair were in.

Tradition has it that the very first Rock and Roll record ever recorded was cut right here in Cincinnati. Now we know that such a radical thing will never be reported by the New York Times or Rolling Stone. Those kinds of facts are not seen as "News that is fit to print."

Cincinnati has been a hot bed of revival ever since the Restoration Movement. That huge outpouring of the Holy Spirit boiled over from Cane Ridge, KY and moved north to the river and seven hills. There they built the Cincinnati Bible Seminary and joined the movement to free the slaves. The college and seminary on Price's Hill serve as a monument to the educational side but most have forgotten the role of the Restoration Movement and people like Barton Stone to the Emancipation of slaves.

Many of the young men and women who were zapped by the Holy Spirit back in the Sixties and Seventies came here for school and created many of the current styles of music and outreach. Randy Matthews cut that first Jesus Movement record and other locals went on to write and sing love songs to Jesus for years to come. We were just spiritual children back then

At the old FCC Worship Center last Sunday we came together. Even after all those years we still joined in the singing and praise as though we had never left the house church on Jefferson or the House of the Carpenter on Ravine. It was so sweet to sing of Jesus and His love.

Thank you Lord for salvation,the of fellowship and reunions. Thank you for allowing old folks like Karen and me to be included among the gaggle of Boomers. Thanks for allowing us to know your presence and enjoy the fellowship. Thanks for bringing us into the Fourth Great Awakening with so many other great people.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Celebration of the Resurrection

It is difficult to know where to make this post. It is all about the joyfully poignant service we had this afternoon for Deb Smith. It was a real family reunion, not unlike many weddings and funerals, because these rituals provide valuable time for old but busy friends to get together. The hyper speed of life passes much too quickly so time is needed to remember the good times after too many years of love from a distance.

We met at the old FCC Church building on the west side of Cincinnati. It has now merged with another congregation and is called, appropriately, "New Hope". I suppose the old hope had died. It was a matured version of the hippies we had loved so well and so fleetingly back in the sixties and seventies. Fewer beards and many more gray hairs in the ones that were there.

But a lot of people turned out to honor Deb and Toms Smith for their love, care and evangelistic fervor that brought many of them to a faith that still thrives among daunting marriages and rearing kids as well as fighting off various diseases and moving through the Mid Life Crises that seem to appear out of no where.

I wish I had taken a camera. I would love to show you all the photos of some of the most beautiful people I ever knew. But my task of the day, Master of Ceremonies and enforcer of the time constraints, would have prevented me from taking any pictures, but I still like to think about having pictures to remind me of our old friends.

We celebrated the short life of Deb Smith, a woman admired by all and sought for counsel by any who knew her. Tom was "The Official Pastor" of the Christian Student Fellowship but Deb, the very young Deb, provided so much love and concern for all those lonely students who came to U.C. for an education that they remembered her for decades for her listening, wisdom and acceptance.

More on the state of the Jesus People next time.

Take a look at http://lovingdebsmith.blogspot.com

Glocal Ministries

I just read a great story in Christianity Today about a big church in Texas that has gotten over being a big gathering of passive people and is equipping the members to use their human talents, work experiences and wisdom as well as their gifts to touch the world. They send folks out to do mission and plant other churches around the world.

So far they are not very successful, having planted only about 90 additional congregations, but they have also started and continued several hundred projects in other nations and the USA. So, don't complain too much about their lack of doing good works and read about the small beginnings of Northwood Church.

Northwood Church calls their approach, a Glocal philosophy that emphasizes both Global and Local involvement in the lives of people. The minister deeply to the relational, emotional and physical conditions of their members and the local residents as well as people in Viet Nam, Mexico and many other nations.

This means they actually mobilize what used to be called "The Laity". Now we call Christians who do all the support and ministry "The Claity" a combination of Clergy and Laity.

Take a peek at a church that is not doing very much but may help you clarify your own vision.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Developing Economic Resources in Russia

Christians Recovering from Alcohol and Drugs

The only way to build Russia as a strong and healthy nation is to develop the spiritual and emotional resources that have been damaged or hidden for so long. After Glasnost, western countries, including the USA, attempted to get the former USSR on track to economic and democratic security by pouring in money, business techniques and knowledge of how a democracy works. It failed.

You can put the failures down to our naive and foolish optimism or to stupidity. Either way it did not work The things that are working, if left to grow, are the non-material and spiritual contributions of churches, para-church groups and Non Governmental Organizations from around the world.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Learning to Care

The book is called, Listening for Heaven's Sake. This shows the back cover of a book that I introduced to the Russian Church Leaders in 1994 and is extremely popular among the Christian Ministers, Therapists and Counselors as well as the Lay Leaders. My friend tells me it says:

"If you use the truths from this book, you will…

• learn how listening can be the key to the growth of
love, peace, patience, righteousness and faith.
• learn the biblical foundations in order to develop a
healthy personality and adequate self-esteem
• See how to overcome the barriers and problems, which
complicate the true communication and close relationship
• discover many special techniques, which will help
you to make your communication with people more pleasant and healthy
• find out how to really help other people without
unnecessary emotions, over-stress and sense of guilt".

Why So Important In Russia?

The Bolsheviks intentionally attacked and attempted to destroy caring relationships among married couples, parents and their children and friends to say nothing about the horror of those who worshipped God. Why do atheist dictators do such things? Why would they want to keep people in misery and pain? Why were the Socialists dedicated to wiping out religion, family life and marital happiness?

This is important because it left the Russian people emotionally and spiritually devastated. That means that we who minister there now must spend a lot of time restoring God's approach to relationships. The Orthodox and Protestant Churches tried to maintain godly caring but they were treated with such violence and evil that showing the love of Christ was a very costly venture.

This is why we are publishing our books and doing so many seminars and workshops. It is going to take a complete Revolution of Love and Grace to heal the Russian people.

Pray for our team of love builders and hate breakers.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Our overseas friends need a new office for meetings, ministry and gatherings. They desperately need an SUV to move about the city and nation. The office will cost at least $200,000 and the SUV $40,000. Please pray about supporting these basic needs.

Send your donations to:
Sweeten Life Systems
P.O. Box 498455
Cincinnati, Ohio 45249
Attn: Missions

Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Great Day at Winton Woods

People came from miles around to think about, pray and discuss the issues surrounding those of us who consider ourselves to be Seasoned Citizens or Seasoned Saints. We met from 9:00 AM til 3:00 PM at the Mill Conference Center at the Winton Woods Golf Course, a part of the Hamilton County Park System. (Photos will follow.)

In 1983 I heard the small, still voice of the Holy Spirit whisper I will pour out my Spirit on all people for a New Reformation. In the First Reformation I took my Word out of the hands of a few and gave it to all. In this Reformation I am taking my Works out of the hands of the few and giving it to all my people.

Since that day I have had the opportunity to travel to many parts of the world and have experience first hand the fulfillment of that word. Over the past forty years since the Second Reformation began in the Sixties we have seen enormous changes in the spiritual climate and activities in the USA and the rest of the world. I tried to summarize the Top Ten Changes.

•1. Spirit poured out on all Christians
–Massive revivals

-Many come to faith and then share His word to others
•2. Knowledge of the Word for all

-God's people begin to devour the Scripture
•3. Gifts for all

-God's people begin to do His works as well as know His word

_Practical ministries spring up all over the world

•4. All are called to minister.

-Male and Female, Old and Young, Rich and Poor, Black, White and Brown all nationalities.

-The Revivals break down old enmities and draw people together
•5. Millions of Activist Christians

-God's people grow up with Wisdom, Wealth and Willing Hearts and Minds

•6. No Dualism
–God's people live for God all the time

-No separation of life in church, home, work and leisure
•7. Longevity increases dramatically
–Family structure changes; multi generational families
–Experience of family life is different
–Disposable time, talents, energy and wealth is available

•8. Travel, Communication increase

-Many laity are experienced in international affairs

-Christian radio, TV and papers increase knowledge
•9. Tension between tradition and reality
–Never been here before

-Many people want new ways of knowing God and doing His works
•10. Opportunity for an Awakening

-The major problems of life are spiritual

Friday, October 12, 2007

Resurrection Time

As many of you already know, our dear friend and sister in Christ Deb Smith passed through that thin veil that separates us all from eternity and met Jesus face to face early this morning.
Deb has ministered to hundreds even thousands of us personally and corporately over the years.

She married Tom, Student Minister at University of Cincinnati while a very young woman and never let her youth stop her from caring and confronting the people God brought into her life.

Tom and Deb have three biological children and many grand children as well as hundreds of spiritual children spread all over the world.

Take a look at the blog, Loving Deb Smith and pray for her family.

Al Gore Wins the Nobel Prize

When I first heard that Mr. Gore was touted as the front runner for the Peace Prize I was rather surprised. What in the world has he done to bring about peace?

The answer is, probably not much but at this point in time the prize is more an opportunity to reward people with the same political views as the Nobel Committee rather than someone who is actively working to promote peace.

He also did a film that won the Academy Award, so a lot of people are really concerned about the climate, but does that qualify him to get these awards?

That is my opinion, what is yours? Maybe I am wrong and Mr. Gore's crusade against Global Warming is the key to world peace. Let me know what you think.
By the way, my new blog is where I am putting a lot of time and energy. Try it at http://seasonedbelievers.blogspot.com/

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Coaching? Who, Me??

If Tiger Woods is so Good, Why does He Need a Coach?

Is there any question that Tiger Woods is the best golfer in the world? That he may be the very best who ever played the game? Not in my mind.

Then why does he need a coach? Isn't raw talent and lots of hours of playing enough? In fact, why does he still need to practice almost every day? Why does he waste so much time hitting 300 drives every day and putting 100 balls from various distances each day?

Tiger takes the time to listen to a coach every week. He pays a man who is not nearly as good a golfer as he to watch him swing and offer him feedback about what he may be doing incorrectly or well.

That takes a lot of humility. Tiger could say, "How dare you try to teach me? I am the best player in the world. You have never even won a the Masters or any Major Tournament. What do you know?"

But he never seems to have such arrogance. Tiger is very humble. Take a look at the Tiger Wood's Foundation to see his values and character. He never forgets to thank his parents, teachers and friends for what he has accomplished.

Very few leaders in business, industry and the church have a coach. Maybe it is because the skills we need are not as obvious to us and are not placed on display in front of millions of fans. Maybe it is because the score card for success and failure is not as easily read.

Whatever the reason we do not have a coach, each of us needs one. We need a mentor, a friend, a wise elder to offer support, wisdom and insight. Who coaches you?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Poverty is Real around the World

Restoring The Poor to Health and Wealth

Last night at the monthly meeting of the Organizational Development Network of Cincinnati we heard two great guys from City Cure of Cincinnati talk about poverty. They mentioned that the city of Cincinnati has one of the highest percentages of persons living in poverty in the US. WOW!

When we think of poverty the first thing that comes to mind is a lack of money. That is only part of the problem. Giving people stuck in a cycle of poverty for generations will not help them break the cycle. Education offered by caring relationships may be successful.

Barry and his sidekick Terry Nelson are excellent teachers on "Breaking the Cycle of Chronic Poverty". It is important to differentiate between Chronic and Situational Poverty. The latter is caused by sickness, a loss of a job, divorce, an economic downturn, etc. They are usually temporary and the financial aspect can be repaired in a relatively short time.

Generational Poverty is Chronic and money alone will not solve the problem. The definition offered by Barry Baker of City Cure was broader and more helpful. Generational Poverty is a "chronic lack of resources" such as finances, education, emotional balance, supportive relationships, spiritual insight, etc. Without all of these resources poverty will run from generation to generation and its victims will suffer without relief.

Churches, governmental groups and charities that give only money or short term solutions may make the problem worse rather than better. However, by developing long term caring relationships we can make a difference for some people.

Go to http://www.citycure.com/ for more information.

Buy any of Dr. Ruby Payne's books for a good education on how to help the poor.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Discipleship Around the World

You gotta read my new blog, Seasoned Believers. On it I will reveal the key points to how we set up growth and healing communities around the world.

Here is a clue: personal relationship training for every single believer.

Second, Believers always seek others to help them before they seek assistance from a Minister, Counselor or Professional. I mean help in prayer, share and care. We all talk to numerous friends, family and even strangers before we will seek advice or assistance from a pro.

So!!!! We need to train the ordinary people in our churches to be able to listen, love, care, encourage and equip one another.

When I set up the Life Way Christian Psychiatric Hospital Unit in 1989 I had no formal training in hospital management. PTL! That meant I was not Leashed to certain outmoded paradigms so I did a lot of very creative and innovative things but did not even know I was doing them.

Because I had decided to make our church into a "Growth and Healing Community" so everyone knew how to pray, listen and minister in the Spirit of God I did the same thing at our Hospital. It was my naivete that allowed me to create one of the most powerful healing communities I ever saw. The most distressed people in our area proved to be wonderful helpers and care givers and as a by product got a lot better themselves.

The Holy Spirit worked in the hospital. Not long ago I met up with Dr. Cooper, our Medical Director. He is a very smart and capable Psychiatrist. He told me that day on the Sharon Woods Golf Course, "My time with you and the people at Life Way Counseling was the most exciting time of my professional life." Mine as well.

God was at work. The churches that adopt the same values can do it as well.

The Real Revolution Continues in Russia

The Russian Revolution began some 90 years ago in 1917 when the Bolsheviks overthrew the Tsar in a bloody take over. A succession of brutal leaders whose main approach to governance was terror kept the people oppressed. Finally, the Communists were defeated by their own incompetence and foolish ways. The flood gates of freedom were thrown open and the Russian people began to recover.
Recovery, however, is a long, hard battle. After 70 years of be ruled by paranoia the people were confused and many suffered from ptsd. One of the most serious problems is a lack of decision making experience and a lack of self confidence.
When we began to teach and minister in Russia in 1991 Glasnost had just begun but we could already see glimpses of freedom and innovation springing up among the Christians, most of whom had worshipped God and studied His word secretly for many years. One of my first acts was to recruit the most mature and Seasoned Believers to be trained in care, counseling and inner healing. Galina Chentsova stood out from the rest.
Galina came to Cincinnati and learned about the importance of raising up thousands of Christians to love, counsel and pray for one another. We gave Galina and her team the rights to all of our materials so she could legally use them as she needed. She dubbed her ministry, Teleios Moscow and proceeded to develop a center much like ours in Cincinnati.
At first she simply printed up some rough Russian translations of our English materials. Using this crude method Galina set up training centers all over the region.
That worked in a way but she needed a good translation and published materials that could be distributed around the former USSR. The cover above is just that. PTL! We finally have some of our training materials published and distributed by a well known publisher in Moscow.
Take a look at the web site at www.liferoute.ru and keep them in your prayers.
Contribute to the Russian Revolution by sending a tax deductible donation to:
Sweeten Life Systems
P.O. Box 498455
Cincinnati, OH 45249
ATTN: Russian Revolution

Saturday, October 06, 2007

New Book In Russian

PTL! We have seen God's grace once again as Galina has been able to negotiate the translation of one of my books into Russian. Since the era of I have traveled to Russia to teach my materials and Galina has traveled here to learn everything she could. Galina is a Medical Doctor a Psychiatrist and a Christian Psychologist. However, under the Communists it normally was not allowed for a therapist of any sort to actually learn the skills of counseling.

The Apples of Gold courses, including Listening for Heaven's Sake and Speaking the Truth in Love were conceived and written as a result of my doctoral dissertation in 1975. It is rare for a dissertation to be made into such useful materials.

This is enormously good news for Galina and her team have been teaching all of the courses I developed by using home made materials. These materials were sometimes rough and clumsy translations. Now, at long last, we have Listening for Heaven's Sake in very good Russian.

Our deepest thanks go to Kay Martin, a widow who sacrificed home and finances to be a missionary in Ukraine. Kay ministered to individuals and families, helped set up recovery groups for alcoholics and their families and paid to have our materials translated. She is a Seasoned Saint who transferred her grief from losing husband Bill into a wonderful ministry to deeply hurting widows and orphans in the former USSR.

Also thanks go to Galina and her team of stalwarts who give it all to bring peace and abundance in Jesus Name to Russia.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Better and Better

Six days each week I get an electronic version of the Wall Street Journal. I wish I could write as well as they. The writers almost always report on non-fiction topics but they rarely fail to keep me reading and interested.

My favorite is The Opinion Journal in the morning and The Best of the Web in the afternoon. Here is the link so you can get it yourself. OpinionJournal OpinionJournal@wsj.com
On another less dramatic topic, I am speaking at New Life Church in Sharonville this Sunday morning at the 9:30 AM Adult Class and at the Worship Service an hour later. In the class I will address the Spiritual Stages of Development. I will be very surprised if there are not a high percentage of Seasoned Saints among the church because Michael Boys has taught the people well.
For worship I will focus on the approach Jesus took to evangelize his neighborhood and surrounding cities. The chapter of interest is Luke 10: At the conclusion, Dr. Luke says that the approach used by Jesus to get His Apostles to reach outside themselves was very productive.
In fact, Jesus was quoted as saying, "I saw the devil thrust down from heaven". Now that is some powerful witnessing. What in the world did they do to make such wonderful advances? Tune in Sunday and find out.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Looking at a New Part of the Elephant

Do you remember the poem about the Six Blind Men from Hindustan? They all tried to figure out what they were seeing through the eyes of touch and each saw/felt something very different. My life is like that. I look at life and see a variety of things in its tapestry.

Michael Cristiani, an old friend from U.C., has generously added a blog for us called, Seasoned Believers. This is the newest member of the Sweeten Life Systems family of ministries that focus on Christian Growth and Healing. The link is at the top of this blog but it can be accessed now at http://seasonedbelievers.blogspot.com/

From now on I shall try to keep the comments on the general issues surrounding growth and healing confined to this blog. My comments about marriage and family life will usually be posted on http://committedcouples.blogspot.com/ and those about Seasoned Saints on the new blog.

Add Image
As a Christian entrepreneur, I am constantly innovating and creating new ways to help people live more enjoyable, fulfilling and abundant lives. Many people have satisfying and economically fulfilling lives without knowing Christ as Savior, but I am convinced that coming to faith in God through Jesus Christ provides a significant and meaningful boost to life today as well as life eternal. So, this blog will focus on counseling, training, healthy lifestyles, my overseas adventures and other topics that add to the general health and welfare of all who read it.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Thanks for the Feed Forward

A manual for a ministry of listening.
All my life I have received Feedback. When I was a teacher my principals regularly gave me feedback on my performance and of course I was fed back on my classes from grade school to grad school.

As a minister/pastor/preacher I was evaluated and confronted regularly. If you do not want feedback, stay out of the pulpit. As Dad was wont to say, "We go to church every Sunday and afterward we have "fried pastor for Sunday dinner".

But we are happy to receive your feed forward. Eh, what did you say? Feed Forward? What is that?

Feed back is all about what you think someone needs to do differently. Fee Forward is what you would like people to do in the future. This is one of the greatest changes to have ever occurred in the field of counseling. People go to counseling expecting someone to appear with a beard and a monocle and look at everything you are doing wrongly. That has changed in my model. Now I always try to ask, "What would you like to do better?"

Sweeten Life Systems focuses on building up Christian leaders, Seasoned Believers and Christian groups. We work with folks who are paid to do ministry and folks whose professions are focused on providing goods and services.

Here is my question: "What would be most helpful to you as a Seasoned Christian?" How can we build a better mousetrap? If a miracle occurred and God answered your prayers and fulfilled your dreams, what would you be doing?

If an organization were to put on a Gathering that scratched where you are itching, what would it do? Be? Look like?

I have written several books on listening and we want to listen to you.

World Prayer for Missions-Singapore

Valerie Chan, our lead teacher, and her son, Hsien Riong in a training class.

I recently received an e mail from a good friend who knows of my love for the Singaporean people. God enabled me to travel to Singapore some30 times over the past 12 years. I met some of the most dedicated, prayer filled people in the world in Singapore and hope to see them all again before we meet in Heaven. These on the right are some students I had in my classes at Singapore Management University.
The e mail I received mentioned the need to pray for Singaporeans to come to faith in Christ. It is one of the most culturally diverse populations I know. That very small island at the tip of Malaysia and just across from Indonesia has some three million citizens. However, it counts another million as foreign workers plus several million as tourists and visitors who shop or transit to another Asian country.

About 75% of the population is Chinese with 15% Malay and 8% Indian. This leaves only 2% as Anglos and assorted others. Despite the very agressive and concentrated evangelistic outreaches of the Christians in Singapore, few Muslims convert to Christ.

On one of my earliest trips I was blessed to meet a Malay woman who headed a Muslim lay counseling group. It was not long before she discovered that I had some experience in training both lay and professional counselors and we became friends. As a result, I was able to help them set up a great training program for parents and couples.

God was honored and they learned that we Christians cared enough to give our very best to them. God's love was not lost on her or her bosses. The most effective way to "witness" to people is through loving action. This is especially true for those who do not trust us.

During my last visit to the headquarters of the Association of Muslim Professionals, one of the support groups for divorced women wept as they told me of their thanks for how we had led them to find love, support and freedom. Let us pray that God will now open their eyes to His love and freedom.