Thursday, October 04, 2007

Looking at a New Part of the Elephant

Do you remember the poem about the Six Blind Men from Hindustan? They all tried to figure out what they were seeing through the eyes of touch and each saw/felt something very different. My life is like that. I look at life and see a variety of things in its tapestry.

Michael Cristiani, an old friend from U.C., has generously added a blog for us called, Seasoned Believers. This is the newest member of the Sweeten Life Systems family of ministries that focus on Christian Growth and Healing. The link is at the top of this blog but it can be accessed now at

From now on I shall try to keep the comments on the general issues surrounding growth and healing confined to this blog. My comments about marriage and family life will usually be posted on and those about Seasoned Saints on the new blog.

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As a Christian entrepreneur, I am constantly innovating and creating new ways to help people live more enjoyable, fulfilling and abundant lives. Many people have satisfying and economically fulfilling lives without knowing Christ as Savior, but I am convinced that coming to faith in God through Jesus Christ provides a significant and meaningful boost to life today as well as life eternal. So, this blog will focus on counseling, training, healthy lifestyles, my overseas adventures and other topics that add to the general health and welfare of all who read it.

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paula clare said...

Hi Gary,
Excited to see this "New Elephant" has its own blogsite! I'm looking forward to the shared information as well as the winsome conversations that will inevitably ensue!