Monday, October 01, 2007

Thanks for the Feed Forward

A manual for a ministry of listening.
All my life I have received Feedback. When I was a teacher my principals regularly gave me feedback on my performance and of course I was fed back on my classes from grade school to grad school.

As a minister/pastor/preacher I was evaluated and confronted regularly. If you do not want feedback, stay out of the pulpit. As Dad was wont to say, "We go to church every Sunday and afterward we have "fried pastor for Sunday dinner".

But we are happy to receive your feed forward. Eh, what did you say? Feed Forward? What is that?

Feed back is all about what you think someone needs to do differently. Fee Forward is what you would like people to do in the future. This is one of the greatest changes to have ever occurred in the field of counseling. People go to counseling expecting someone to appear with a beard and a monocle and look at everything you are doing wrongly. That has changed in my model. Now I always try to ask, "What would you like to do better?"

Sweeten Life Systems focuses on building up Christian leaders, Seasoned Believers and Christian groups. We work with folks who are paid to do ministry and folks whose professions are focused on providing goods and services.

Here is my question: "What would be most helpful to you as a Seasoned Christian?" How can we build a better mousetrap? If a miracle occurred and God answered your prayers and fulfilled your dreams, what would you be doing?

If an organization were to put on a Gathering that scratched where you are itching, what would it do? Be? Look like?

I have written several books on listening and we want to listen to you.

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