Friday, October 05, 2007

Better and Better

Six days each week I get an electronic version of the Wall Street Journal. I wish I could write as well as they. The writers almost always report on non-fiction topics but they rarely fail to keep me reading and interested.

My favorite is The Opinion Journal in the morning and The Best of the Web in the afternoon. Here is the link so you can get it yourself. OpinionJournal
On another less dramatic topic, I am speaking at New Life Church in Sharonville this Sunday morning at the 9:30 AM Adult Class and at the Worship Service an hour later. In the class I will address the Spiritual Stages of Development. I will be very surprised if there are not a high percentage of Seasoned Saints among the church because Michael Boys has taught the people well.
For worship I will focus on the approach Jesus took to evangelize his neighborhood and surrounding cities. The chapter of interest is Luke 10: At the conclusion, Dr. Luke says that the approach used by Jesus to get His Apostles to reach outside themselves was very productive.
In fact, Jesus was quoted as saying, "I saw the devil thrust down from heaven". Now that is some powerful witnessing. What in the world did they do to make such wonderful advances? Tune in Sunday and find out.

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