Thursday, October 11, 2007

Coaching? Who, Me??

If Tiger Woods is so Good, Why does He Need a Coach?

Is there any question that Tiger Woods is the best golfer in the world? That he may be the very best who ever played the game? Not in my mind.

Then why does he need a coach? Isn't raw talent and lots of hours of playing enough? In fact, why does he still need to practice almost every day? Why does he waste so much time hitting 300 drives every day and putting 100 balls from various distances each day?

Tiger takes the time to listen to a coach every week. He pays a man who is not nearly as good a golfer as he to watch him swing and offer him feedback about what he may be doing incorrectly or well.

That takes a lot of humility. Tiger could say, "How dare you try to teach me? I am the best player in the world. You have never even won a the Masters or any Major Tournament. What do you know?"

But he never seems to have such arrogance. Tiger is very humble. Take a look at the Tiger Wood's Foundation to see his values and character. He never forgets to thank his parents, teachers and friends for what he has accomplished.

Very few leaders in business, industry and the church have a coach. Maybe it is because the skills we need are not as obvious to us and are not placed on display in front of millions of fans. Maybe it is because the score card for success and failure is not as easily read.

Whatever the reason we do not have a coach, each of us needs one. We need a mentor, a friend, a wise elder to offer support, wisdom and insight. Who coaches you?

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