Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Poverty is Real around the World

Restoring The Poor to Health and Wealth

Last night at the monthly meeting of the Organizational Development Network of Cincinnati we heard two great guys from City Cure of Cincinnati talk about poverty. They mentioned that the city of Cincinnati has one of the highest percentages of persons living in poverty in the US. WOW!

When we think of poverty the first thing that comes to mind is a lack of money. That is only part of the problem. Giving people stuck in a cycle of poverty for generations will not help them break the cycle. Education offered by caring relationships may be successful.

Barry and his sidekick Terry Nelson are excellent teachers on "Breaking the Cycle of Chronic Poverty". It is important to differentiate between Chronic and Situational Poverty. The latter is caused by sickness, a loss of a job, divorce, an economic downturn, etc. They are usually temporary and the financial aspect can be repaired in a relatively short time.

Generational Poverty is Chronic and money alone will not solve the problem. The definition offered by Barry Baker of City Cure was broader and more helpful. Generational Poverty is a "chronic lack of resources" such as finances, education, emotional balance, supportive relationships, spiritual insight, etc. Without all of these resources poverty will run from generation to generation and its victims will suffer without relief.

Churches, governmental groups and charities that give only money or short term solutions may make the problem worse rather than better. However, by developing long term caring relationships we can make a difference for some people.

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Buy any of Dr. Ruby Payne's books for a good education on how to help the poor.

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