Saturday, October 06, 2007

New Book In Russian

PTL! We have seen God's grace once again as Galina has been able to negotiate the translation of one of my books into Russian. Since the era of I have traveled to Russia to teach my materials and Galina has traveled here to learn everything she could. Galina is a Medical Doctor a Psychiatrist and a Christian Psychologist. However, under the Communists it normally was not allowed for a therapist of any sort to actually learn the skills of counseling.

The Apples of Gold courses, including Listening for Heaven's Sake and Speaking the Truth in Love were conceived and written as a result of my doctoral dissertation in 1975. It is rare for a dissertation to be made into such useful materials.

This is enormously good news for Galina and her team have been teaching all of the courses I developed by using home made materials. These materials were sometimes rough and clumsy translations. Now, at long last, we have Listening for Heaven's Sake in very good Russian.

Our deepest thanks go to Kay Martin, a widow who sacrificed home and finances to be a missionary in Ukraine. Kay ministered to individuals and families, helped set up recovery groups for alcoholics and their families and paid to have our materials translated. She is a Seasoned Saint who transferred her grief from losing husband Bill into a wonderful ministry to deeply hurting widows and orphans in the former USSR.

Also thanks go to Galina and her team of stalwarts who give it all to bring peace and abundance in Jesus Name to Russia.

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David Ong said...

Dear 'Uncle' Gary,
Congratulations! The Lord is going to extend and establish the works of your labor in the regions beyond your land........ especially in this huge land that I love and lived in for 2 years of my life!

You have been a great blessing to many peole - I am one of those greatly blessed! Thank you!

Glory be unto Him!
David Ong, Singapore