Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Emergency Prayer Request

I spent over an hour on the telephone to our overseas ministry head tonight and she is very anxious about the political situation in her country. The pressure is being put on her and the place she rents for ministry. It looks as though we will lose it and thus lose a very important place to meet, train Christian leaders and develop healthy churches.

She is in desperate need to find a new place. Her city is one of the most expensive in the world and she lives on a shoe string.

First, pray for her protection and the protection of her team. The forces of power do not appreciate our kind of Christians.

Second, pray for a new place to meet, teach and operate the office.

Third, pray for inexpensive rent.

Fourth, pray for finances. The team members work but income is low. They need money for travel , computers, materials, publishing, etc.
Send your support to

Sweeten Life Systems

P.O. Box 498455

Cincinnati, Ohio 45249

Special Project: Missions

It is hard for Americans to see how tough it is to minister in many overseas locations. Please ask the Lord to give us empathy for the brothers and sisters who labor every day to preach the gospel among the most desperate people in the world.

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