Sunday, October 21, 2007

Glocal Ministries

I just read a great story in Christianity Today about a big church in Texas that has gotten over being a big gathering of passive people and is equipping the members to use their human talents, work experiences and wisdom as well as their gifts to touch the world. They send folks out to do mission and plant other churches around the world.

So far they are not very successful, having planted only about 90 additional congregations, but they have also started and continued several hundred projects in other nations and the USA. So, don't complain too much about their lack of doing good works and read about the small beginnings of Northwood Church.

Northwood Church calls their approach, a Glocal philosophy that emphasizes both Global and Local involvement in the lives of people. The minister deeply to the relational, emotional and physical conditions of their members and the local residents as well as people in Viet Nam, Mexico and many other nations.

This means they actually mobilize what used to be called "The Laity". Now we call Christians who do all the support and ministry "The Claity" a combination of Clergy and Laity.

Take a peek at a church that is not doing very much but may help you clarify your own vision.

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