Monday, October 08, 2007

The Real Revolution Continues in Russia

The Russian Revolution began some 90 years ago in 1917 when the Bolsheviks overthrew the Tsar in a bloody take over. A succession of brutal leaders whose main approach to governance was terror kept the people oppressed. Finally, the Communists were defeated by their own incompetence and foolish ways. The flood gates of freedom were thrown open and the Russian people began to recover.
Recovery, however, is a long, hard battle. After 70 years of be ruled by paranoia the people were confused and many suffered from ptsd. One of the most serious problems is a lack of decision making experience and a lack of self confidence.
When we began to teach and minister in Russia in 1991 Glasnost had just begun but we could already see glimpses of freedom and innovation springing up among the Christians, most of whom had worshipped God and studied His word secretly for many years. One of my first acts was to recruit the most mature and Seasoned Believers to be trained in care, counseling and inner healing. Galina Chentsova stood out from the rest.
Galina came to Cincinnati and learned about the importance of raising up thousands of Christians to love, counsel and pray for one another. We gave Galina and her team the rights to all of our materials so she could legally use them as she needed. She dubbed her ministry, Teleios Moscow and proceeded to develop a center much like ours in Cincinnati.
At first she simply printed up some rough Russian translations of our English materials. Using this crude method Galina set up training centers all over the region.
That worked in a way but she needed a good translation and published materials that could be distributed around the former USSR. The cover above is just that. PTL! We finally have some of our training materials published and distributed by a well known publisher in Moscow.
Take a look at the web site at and keep them in your prayers.
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