Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Learning to Care

The book is called, Listening for Heaven's Sake. This shows the back cover of a book that I introduced to the Russian Church Leaders in 1994 and is extremely popular among the Christian Ministers, Therapists and Counselors as well as the Lay Leaders. My friend tells me it says:

"If you use the truths from this book, you will…

• learn how listening can be the key to the growth of
love, peace, patience, righteousness and faith.
• learn the biblical foundations in order to develop a
healthy personality and adequate self-esteem
• See how to overcome the barriers and problems, which
complicate the true communication and close relationship
• discover many special techniques, which will help
you to make your communication with people more pleasant and healthy
• find out how to really help other people without
unnecessary emotions, over-stress and sense of guilt".

Why So Important In Russia?

The Bolsheviks intentionally attacked and attempted to destroy caring relationships among married couples, parents and their children and friends to say nothing about the horror of those who worshipped God. Why do atheist dictators do such things? Why would they want to keep people in misery and pain? Why were the Socialists dedicated to wiping out religion, family life and marital happiness?

This is important because it left the Russian people emotionally and spiritually devastated. That means that we who minister there now must spend a lot of time restoring God's approach to relationships. The Orthodox and Protestant Churches tried to maintain godly caring but they were treated with such violence and evil that showing the love of Christ was a very costly venture.

This is why we are publishing our books and doing so many seminars and workshops. It is going to take a complete Revolution of Love and Grace to heal the Russian people.

Pray for our team of love builders and hate breakers.

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