Monday, November 02, 2009

Second American Awakening 1800-1920

Another cycle of rising and falling spiritual power.

1800-1840: Rise of belief that anyone can achieve saving grace through inner and outer struggle against sin; introduction of camp meetings and intensified levels of revivals; widespread adoption of ethic of benevolence; upsurge of millennialism.

1840-1879: Rise of single issue reform movements, each contribute to making US fit for the Second Coming. (Included the nativist movement, the temperance movement which was successful in prohibiting the sale of alcohol in 13 states, and abolitionist movement that culminated in the formation of the republican party); sweeping reform agendas to eliminate all barriers to equal opportunity; antislavery; attacks corruption; Civil War; women's suffrage; continue belief in equality

1870-1920: Replacement of prewar evangelical leaders; Darwinian crisis; urban crisis

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