Monday, October 11, 2010

Eddie Fisher What a Life

I just read a brief overview of the life of Edie Fisher. It was filled with addiction, debauchery and lies along with adultery and evil. The first comment made by an adoring fan was, "Rest in peace, Eddie. You lived life to the fullest."

I found the comment incredible. Either this person was high on drugs himself or emitting amazing amounts of cynicism. What does it means to "Live life to the fullest" if the life Fisher lived was its model? He left his wife and small daughter of two years for a fling with his dead friend's wife, Elizabeth Taylor. Is that life to the fullest?

He was on illegal and legal drugs most of his life. Is that life to the fullest? His daughter followed in his drug addled footsteps. Was that life to the fullest? Not to me and not to Jesus who promised a life to the full abundance for those who followed Him. My life has gradually improved in almost every way since I came to know Jesus some 62 years ago. I have stayed married to the same woman for 49 years and reared my kids and grand kids with love and peace.

Is that boredom or abundance? It is abundance. Praise the Lord.

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