Saturday, June 18, 2011

We Need Your Help to win Big!

An organization here called Cincinnati Innovates sponsors an annual contest to spur creativity and entrepreneurial activities. Last year we entered and came up from last to third place in ten days. We are starting earlier this year and believe you can help us win. Here is our plan:

About 21% of all kids from birth to 18 in Ohio have a disability. Few groups support them as a family. We will train volunteers and family members how to come alongside the entire family. We did yearlong research study with parents who said, "No one ever asked how we were doing in our marriage; no one ever asked to pray for us or our child.

You can vote weekly for us at

Village initiative with Parents

Go there and read all about our ministry and the $90,000.00 in prizes. Look for this title:
Village initiative with Parents and vote. If all my friends vote for me we will win in a landslide.

Check the web for a deeper understanding of our call to minister to these distressed families

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