Sunday, August 02, 2009

Marriage Harmony

Is anything more important for the churches in America than promoting marital health? Not in my opinion. Children born out of wedlock are damaged and grow up poor, dysfunctional, sickly and behind those born to two parent households.

This morning I watched a show on Kentucky Educational Television about early childhood education. The head of the agency responsible for education said that research was clear on the importance of rearing kids in well off, educated families. She said that kids from welfare families had about 400 words in their vocabulary when they started school. That is extremely low.

Kids from middle income homes have 600 word and those reared in professional homes have 1100 words. This places poor kids at a terrible disadvantage. We know from other data that single mothers are usually on welfare and live in chronic poverty.

We must train churches how to help people get married and stay married.

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