Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tiger Woods and the Big Ten

Almost every day when I watch TV I see advertisements that encourage me to violate the Ten Commandments. I rarely watch shows such as 2 1/2 men and Desperate Housewives but I can't miss their ads. I am sure Tiger watches some TV. In fact, he is on TV and a lot of the talk on TV encourages us to join them in violating the Big Ten Commandments.

I saw today that Accenture has cut its ties with Tiger as has Pepsi. They regularly beg us to forget the Big Ten and let our lusts rule. So why are they so tough on Tiger now? What is he doing that most TV, Newspapers and Radio programs don't do continually?

Tiger is simply a man of his era. It is an era that promotes greed, idolatry, free sex, parental disrespect and many gods. In fact, anyone that would say that there is only One God just as the Big Ten says, are ridiculed, mocked and harassed. So, when Tiger is very successful at greed, is he made into a semi god but when he violates one about sex he is vilified?


KiddDoc said...

Good point... Tiger was already a good sinner in one category, why pile on him in another category? Of course that assumes that everyone is consistent, which they are not. That assumes that people who enjoy setting others up as idols don't enjoy knocking them down, just as much.

Also, some of the reporting has gone in the direction of "Tiger is a hypocrite." In that, he markets on a squeaky clean image that is far from the truth. Hypocrisy is the cardinal sin in modern America, right up there with intolerance. So he has to be burned at the stake!

Thanks Dr. Gary!

Gary Sweeten said...

I am pondering which of the Big Ten the public media would agree with on a regular basis. I hear that the TV show, "Mad Men" is showing how greedy and manipulative the Madison Avenue sales people were back then.