Wednesday, December 30, 2009

TV Writers Attack Christians at Christmas

The TV show, NCIS is very popular and it has a lot of people tuning in to see how the stars outwit terrorists, thugs and the dark underworld. Each week a new episode tries to draw us into the plot and, like the old Perry Mason series, turn our minds inside out with the surprise ending.

The recent episodes tried to fool us on one of the holiest days of the year for Christians by a bait and switch scheme. Here is how they did it. The most probable villains were switched with the least likely to be villains. That story line, along with a very heavy dose of Political Correctness, shows conservative Christians killing Muslims with suicide bombs for reasons that are regularly promoted by Islamic radicals but never seen in the entire 2000 year history of Christianity.

Here is my question: Did the writers do this as an act of:

1. Supreme ignorance. (They are unaware that Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ and 90 million adults in America follow Christ.)

2. Supreme intentional hatred. (The writers are so full of rage they will do anything to show Christians in a bad light.)

3. Supremely bad writing. (The writers ran out of real villains and thought that this script would go over big in Hollywood.)

4. Supreme fawning over Muslims. (the writers want to get Muslims to finance their new projects.)

5. Other? Why do you think the writers would do such a thing?

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