Thursday, April 21, 2011

Prayer for Nigerian Christians

Chuck Emerson's colleague Dan Steere received an emergency text message this evening from Gideon Umukoro, ELI's coordinator in Nigeria. He is asking for prayer for Christians in that country, as well as for himself and his wife, Excel. Excel is employed by the government and is stationed in the northern part of Nigeria in a majority Muslim area. Below is the text message. Please pray!

"Hi papa dan,

pls call the brethren to pray for us here up north,the moslem have plan to carry out great slauther and destruction of property on the christians this easter celebration, they have already started in a nearby city near the town where excel and i are staying.

we are traped we cant travel to the south bcs the roads are blocked, i traveled to spend the easter with her.

pls pray for adequate security to be supplied."

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