Saturday, April 02, 2011

Kids With a Disability in Ohio

I offered you all some bait last time but nobody bit on it. I hope some of you read it and pondered the question. It is an important issue. Not just disability but knowing our neighbors who have a disability, especially children, and caring about them.

there has been a lot of information put out by various governmental and volunteer organizations about the numbers of seniors who require a care taker. However, the number of children and youth that need intensive care is not that well known. So, here goes again.

I mentioned these data today to some friends who are well educated. One is a Physician and two are nurses. I asked them to guess the percentage of kids from birth to 18 with a serious disability and all of them asked, "What kind of disability?"

That is a reasonable question. If we are speaking of mental disabilities then we would suppose a rather small percentage of the population. However, even after i said, "All kinds of mental, emotional and physical disabilities" they started to guess a pretty high percentage. However, not one of them guessed anywhere near the real number.

Nor did I come close when I was first queried about it. The number of kids ages birth to 18 in Ohio with a serious health need is 570,000! That is a lot of children and young people. How many of these young people do you know? How many of their parents do you know? Do you ever ask how the child is doing? Do you ever ask them how you could help?

Sweeten Life Systems is launching a new ministry to the parents, grand parents and care takers of these children and youth. We are going to call it The VIP Project for Village Initiative with Parents .Check out out web at to learn more.

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