Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kids in Trouble

Howdy neighbor how ya doing?

This was a common greeting to people in my neighborhood when I was a kid. When we asked it, we did not always want an answer, but many times we got one anyway.

I was fortunate to grow up in a tiny village of 200 or so souls in southern Illinois. The major criticism of Ina's size was, "Everybody knows your business". That is a legitimate complaint, it seems, unless you live in an urban area like Cincinnati and nobody knows your name. In fact, it is not unusual for a person to die at home and lie there for days, weeks or months without anyone knowing they are gone. Nobody knowing your business is, in my view, much worse than everybody knowing your business.

One of the most successful TV shows in history was based on the notion that you could be welcomed at a certain bar named "Cheers". In fact, their theme song said that "Everybody knows your name". Many people find it warmer, and more welcoming in a bar than at church. No wonder so many people drink booze. They feel accepted.

I have a quiz for you. I was stunned to discover the statistics about how many of my neighbors in Ohio have children with a serious disability. I not only did not know their names I did not know they existed. Wow! How did I miss it?

Maybe you are like me. Here is a simple quiz to test your knowledge of neighbors.

How many kids in Ohio ages birth to 18 have a serious disability?

Another question: "What percentage of Ohio kids have a disability?"

There are some 12 million people in Ohio and 3 million children/youth ages birth to 18. So that is a hint for you.

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