Thursday, December 13, 2007

Another Letter

Way back in the spring I wrote an article about the dramatic rise in the number and percentage of people suffering from clinical depression. The figures are rather frightening when we look at what is happening.

Well, we received a comment on the blog but I chose not to post it because it would have appeared so long ago that all of my readers would have missed it. So, I will publish it now. Actually, the very reason why they're depressed is because of nutjobs like you thumping the bible as a naive answer to everything. Purpose in life, good; religious pedophiles and other christian nutjobs, very very bad. Anonymous

Obviously, Mr. Ms or Mrs. Anon does not like the positions I take on matters of faith. This leads him to say some very harsh but confusing things about me, the Bible and what he/she calls, "Christian pedophiles".

I welcome this person to my blog and hope he/she reads my response because I am mystified as to what was offensive on that post. Perhaps it is my belief that salvation and knowledge of the Bible serves as a source of joy and resilience for many people. Knowing Christ is no guarantee of happiness but the data show that it certainly helps.

Be assured, dear anonymous reader, that Jesus died so you can have eternal life. Ask Him today to come into your life and give you the peace that passes all understanding.

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