Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Whole Gang @ Christmas

The Sweeten Clan and assorted in-laws gather for Christmas.

There is Hazel, Karen's Mom and sister Toni Lynn in black. Our son Timothy holding Jack Donovan Sweeten; his wife Shelley in pink. Daughter Julia in red and husband David in gray with Jacob and Lily in the center. Karen in green and I at the back in red round out the family.

What a blessing to have health enough and wealth enough with warm homes and great food to come together and celebrate the birth of Jesus. Hazel was born in 1916 and has seen 91 of these celebrations through wars, the flu epidemic, depression, death, moves, poverty and sickness.

We are exceedingly blessed to have a caring, close family of four generations to share hugs and love from year to year. May the Lord bless each of you, my blogging friends, in the New Year ahead.

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