Saturday, January 23, 2010

Healthy Haiti Help

Mature Believers are people who care and who share. The fact that 40,000 American Believers were in in Ministry in Haiti before the earthquake proves this fact. Just think of it. That many people who go for short and long term missions among the poorest of the poor with food, clothing, love and education. They are valiantly trying to tip Haiti, the most dysfunctional nation in the Western Hemisphere, into something like long term functionality.

When governments give aid to a country like Haiti most of it goes to the corrupt leaders. The United Nations and the World Bank throw money at Africa, Haiti and other poor nations but it destroys the economically. I heard on CNN that about 80% of the GNP is from charity! Most of that goes to corrupt politicians.

When Christian ministries take our charitable gifts it goes to help the people. The link above will take you to a mission of mercy that is taking young kids out of slavery and giving them an opportunity to get an education and thus a real life. Check them out.

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