Monday, January 18, 2010

Leadership Skills in Desperate Need

The Procter and Gamble Corporation has selected a new CEO. His name is Bob McDonald and he is a very interesting guy. P&G brings in something like $80 Billion Dollars annually. Think about that for a moment. That is a lot of money.

P&G employs about 130,000 persons who come from almost every nation on earth and now work all over the world. That is a huge number of people to pay, manage and care for. They have many, many products, each one competing against other great products. It is a constant, daily, weekly and monthly task to stay competitive and on top of their competitors.

How do they do it? Well, P&G is the most prolific marketing company in the world, but that is not nearly enough to stay competitive these days. The key is great people with great skills. What kind of person is needed to head such an enormous company?

Take a look at the article in the Cincinnati Enquirer about their new leader and get a sense of what skills they think the new leader had to have in order to take on such a big task. Then go back to my post on The Fruit of the Spirit and re-read what the Apostle Paul said about Christian leaders. (This story in Fortune also talks about Mr. McDonald.)

What about Church and Para Church Leadership? What do we need to compete with the world, the flesh and the devil?


dle said...

The new P&G head, at least from that pic, looks like the guy the Mob sends to break your legs. Come to think of it, perhaps that's the kind of threat the Church in America really needs.

Gary Sweeten said...

That photo is not very flattering, for sure. I suppose it goes to show us that he has very little power to punish even though he is rich and famous. With the new media flowering all over the place famous people are regularly shown in unflattering ways in photos that accompany falttering articles. I am also reminded of how important photos and words are to our image as Believers. We Christians need to take note of this. (Pat Robertson, are you listening?)