Sunday, January 24, 2010

Training Models

I am anything but an expert in blogging and blog layouts. However, I am experimenting with some new ideas and new ways to communicate with the world. Thus, the new look.

Some of my friends are advising me on better ways to get my teachings out. I admittedly have reams and reams of materials that have been taught around the world. I am trying to find easily transferable ways to make it available to those of you who are interested in developing better relationships with God, self and others.

Yesterday I went over to the Vineyard Community Church which is located on the northern edge of Cincinnati. VCC was founded by Steve and Janie Sjogren and currently led by Dave Workman. It is a wonderful group of people who have touched thousands of lives and brought faith, hope and love to hurting people around the world. VCC is co-sponsoring a medical mission trip to Belize partnering with John Kirby who heads outreach at Horizon Community Church.

Pastor Rich Femia and Dwelling Place Church are the spiritual covering for this trip and it is drawing men and women who want to make a real difference medically and spiritually in a very poor country. My job was to send the group off with prayer and encouragement. And, along with medicine and surgery the people in Belize need love, care and counsel to heal the invisible, inner wounds.

As the good news is preached and modeled around the world we need to find new ways to train new and old believers how to best live out a faith filled daily life. We are looking at expanding our Theology Into Practical Ministry training through videos, web pages and blogs as well as video interaction groups with technologies like Skype. For years we have been called to "He heals the broken in heart, and bind up their wounds."

There is a hunger among many Seasoned Believers for additional resources for our speciality, spiritual, emotional and relational growth. I am getting many requests now for Mentoring about ways to live more effectively at home, work, school and neighborhood. For example, how does a Christian boss treat his/her employees and establish a "Christian Community" that is sensitive to all faiths and points of view? How do we pray for a person with a chronic illness?

We do not have all the answers but we do have a lot of good questions and many years of experience. We are also well trained in the best ways to facilitate human growth and healing.

We need your input on ways we can be helpful and topics you would find interesting. You may comment on this blog and by sending me an e mail at

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