Saturday, April 03, 2010

to Russia with God's Love


Galina was able to meet me in Denmark and share with thye Danish leaders what the Lord is doing in Russia to bring about revival and renewal. Despite laboring under the most trying circumstances, Galina and her team of resilient and godly leaders are making a real difference among the people. Starting some fifteen years ago with only herself the Liferoute Ministry today is training care givers, 12 Step facilitators, Peer Counselors and Small Group Leaderas in many places around the former USSR. Galina was inspirational to the Danes who, despite their close promiximity to Russia, are ignorant of its terrible condition.

If any of you want to know if Socialism works in a large nation, ask that group of Christians. The devastation of millions under the USSR reign of terror left the people and especially Christians reeling from family destruction, trauma and addiction. Only Christian groups with the expertise of recovery and healing can make a dent in that situation.

Pray for Galina and consider sending the Russian team a donation once in a while or each month. Also pray for us to find a place to meet and teach. Prices in Russia are very high and space extremely limited.
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