Sunday, April 18, 2010

USA versus Europe's Standard of Living

With the soon coming addition of a Value Added Tax in the USA that rivals Europe, it would be nice to see a good, honest comparison of our current standard of living. I recently read a comparison that was dated in 1991 and it showed the USA as having a much lower standard of living and lower taxes than Europe.

The charts I read were old and unclear as to how issues, including taxes, were counted. If any of my readers have such comparisons I would like to see them.


Gary Sweeten


Book Publishers said...

America's tax is still low compared to sweden and norway VAT is 25% (they have a higher standard of living) - most US state taxes are less than 13% so it's a bad idea to have VAT for the consumer.

Gary Sweeten said...

Thanks for the facts. Most Americans cannot imagine how much taxes take from the worker and the consumer in most of Europe. They do not understand the VAT at all. I think if most people really understood what that means for us they would stop voting for it right now.