Saturday, May 08, 2010

Doctor Ben Carson

I heard dr.
Ben Carson
speak yesterday and I was inspired. Thanks to the Chick-Fil-A sponsored broadcast I was able to watch on video and hear several top speakers share their insights about being a positive, servant leader.

Thanks to Prasco Company, a wonderful Christian citizen located in Mason, Ohio, and Sunrise Commuity Church, the annual simulcast of John Mazwell and other inspiring men and women shared their lives, insits and innovative ideas with some 65,000 people in auditoriums around the world.

All of them were terrific speakers with something to say. But my favorite was Dr. Carson, one of the most accomplished brain surgeons in the world. he grew up in some of the most repressive and soul killing social environments imaginable. Poverty, racism, rejection by peers when he made good grades and affirmation when he acted like a bum along wit a single mother that could not read or write.

But listen to her character. She forced Ben and his siblings to go to the local library every week and read some books. He also had to write a review of one of the b books and turn it in to his mother. He hated it. He was upset. he rebelled. But she persevered. She marked up each paper and gave It back to the kids.

Finally Ben started liking to read. He became a voracious reader. Why? His illiterate mother. Yes, I said illiterite! She could not read or write. But she faked it to make him read and write.

Now Dr.Carson is at John Hopkins Hospital. He is a renowned surgeon who, with his wife, has set up a scholars program to encourage kids to do well in school.

He is also a committed Christian and an outspoken man against Political Correctness and the Federal Government's take over of medicine. Why? They kill innovation and creativity.

I hope Dr. Carson will live a long and healthy as well as influential life. Go to his web and read all about him.

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