Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lawsuits! it is a Crazy World

The enemy prowls around like an angry alligator looking for someone to devour.

Here in conservative Cincinnati we are seeing some of the most bizarre and troubling news headlines that I can imagine. Headline one, "Sorority Punished because of Drunken, Criminal Behavior". (Not the exact headline but its meaning.

We are blessed in Cincinnati to have beautiful center that honors the heroes of the Underground Railroad Movement that liberated thousands of men, women and children from slavery. It also educates the community about the need to be vigilant about oppression and modern slavery.

Because the Center needs revenue to cover expenses, people can rent it out for weddings, celebrations, parties, and so forth. The Alpha Xi Sorority of Miami University rented the building for a Spring Formal but used it instead for disrespectful, destructive and boorish behavior. Miami University has placed them on a two-year suspension.

Wealthy young men and women attending an above average university and becoming members of a sorority that claims to promote the "highest ethical behavior" were acting like thugs and low life criminals. They intentionally urinated all over the Center, vomited all around it and destroyed expensive parts of the building. This is the second sorority from Miami to engage in this kind of behavior this spring.

What can we say about such crass, violent and disgusting acts? That our young people are growing up without any kind of morals and ethics? We have all read about the rampant sexual interactions happening on high school and college campuses. So many of the students are "hooking up" with each other that those who wish not to engage in the behavior are harassed and bullied by peers.

Anyone familiar with the Bible knows the passage that, "When there was no leader in Israel, every one did whatever was right in his own eyes." Judges 17:6 There are no leaders in higher education, politics or religion that can command the attention of the society and call such behavior out of order.

That brings me to the second headline. It goes something like this: "Son Sues Covington Catholic High School for Failing to Protect Him from Peers". Mrs. Dinkle. was convicted of having sex with her high school son's best friend. The son has sued the high school he attended. He claims that the teachers and administrators failed to protect him from the jeers and negative comments from other students because of his mother's behavior with his friend.

I do not know what will happen, of course, but the fact that he could retain a lawyer and actually claim such a ridiculous thing shows how corrupt our legal system has become. Abe Lincoln told about the man who killed both parents and asked for mercy as an orphan. Sin and sinners are as bold as that alligator!

Mrs. Dinkle was and is the cause of the distress her son no doubt suffered. But, in a twist too often seen in American jurisprudence, he is blaming the school for his pain. I wonder if the sorority will sue the Underground Freedom Railroad Center for damaging their reputation by turning them in to the school and the police.

I could add this headline to the rogues gallery of rampant sins: "Mayor Resigns after Affair with on duty Cop Revealed". However, she first said it was a private act that was no body's business.

What do you think we can do as Christian leaders to slow down such behavior? Is it hopeless?

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