Sunday, June 13, 2010

Atheists and Pornography

Porn or Prayer in the Bedroom?

Why would atheists hate Christians and our God so much that they would attack us and the Father with millions of dollars of advertising? Why would they go so far as to try to get men addicted to pornography to keep them from reading the Bible? Do they not know that porn is exploiting women, girls and boys? Do they not realize the damage it does to marriages and family life?

They do not seem to care about the damage their hate filled campaigns cause people. They are deeply dedicated to stopping the growth and influence of Christianity. They will not allow anything to stand in their way, even the abuse of women and children and the destruction of marriages.

I get regular notices about the writings of a Pastor and Theologian from Sweden by the name of K.A. Johnson. He writes about social, cultural and spiritual issues in Scandinavia and Europe. Pornography is used by most males in Europe. A Danish Pastor friend has asked me to teach him how to liberate men from its devastating hold. Both at the Life Way Counseling Centers and Sweeten Life Systems training ministry we have learned how to help men strengthen their commitment to god and family by kicking the porn habit.

The next time I go to Denmark we will continue our conversations and plan ways to train Christian Counselors and Pastors in the healing arts. (Go to my web page and download Hope and Change for Humpty Dumpty.) Peder Poulsen, one of my former students in Denmark has a family counseling center where he ministers God's truth, love and liberation to hundreds of people.

The Finnish Humanist Society started an aggressive, expensive campaign last year in England and Europe to attack God and Christians. Now they have stepped up the hate filled approach to give away porn to men in exchange for Bibles.

Why would they do this? Why porn? Why in exchange for a Bible? Is porn the antithesis of faith in God and will it kill the desire to rad the Bible/ Is the Bible that dangerous to Atheism and Secular Humanism? Will inhaling porn kill a man's desire to love his God. Will it pull men from church and serving others?

The answers must be a resounding "YES!"

If I thought long and hard for a good reason to warn men to avoid pornography I would never have come up with this. If atheists or secular humanists are willing to spend multiplied millions to wean men and women from God by giving away something, they must believe it has potency to change the hearts, souls and minds of the consumers. P&G does not run advertisements that do not work and neither will the Atheist/Humanists. They strongly believe that by giving porn to men and women free they will draw them away from God and family life. Talk about faith in something, they have it in spades!

What do you think? Am I off base on this? Are the Finnish Humanists benign in their activities or are they fully aware of what they are doing?

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