Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why Kill the Men?

Most Americans do not realize the brutality of the Communists in the USSR. Under both Lenin and Stalin multiplied millions of people were tortured, murdered, starved, worked to death and in other ways eliminated. Almost all of them were males. Why did Lenin and Stalin wipe out so many men when they were, themselves men?

Almost every person to whom I have ministered in modern day Russia comes from a family who suffered terrible persecution death and loss of goods at the hands of evil men. Their grief is long standing and generational. Thank God for His wonderful gifts of healing and grace because we are seeing many people brought to faith and wholeness through prayer and God's word.

Part of it was probably due to their evil, paranoid personality disorders. Had they been ordinary citizens they would probably have picked on the poor, weak and helpless members of society. But they were not just ordinary men, they were heading one of the largest governments in the history of the world and it gave them absolute power over their citizens.

But the reign of terror in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic was carried out with such awful devastation on friend and foe, it must have been rooted in some kind of belief system. For example, they carried out a devilishly clever plan to change all workers and they did it in this way. Remember, one of their main slogans was, "Workers of the world, unite!" Here is how they united their Socialist workers.

Every person in a specific work classification was rank ordered from best to worst. All farmers, mechanics, electricians, secretaries, lawyers, doctors, engineers, etc. This meant that a Party Worker could go into the records of a village or town and know with some precision who the best and most productive workers were. It was clear which farmers grew the best crops or the biggest hogs and cattle and which ones were lousy at those and other tasks.

What would you do with such information? You could offer scholarships to the better farmers to go to school and become better farmers. Or, you could send the poor farmers to school to improve their production.

What did Lenin and Stalin do with that detailed information? If any of you can write me with a correct guess, I will send you a free book.

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