Thursday, June 03, 2010

Leaders in Crises Communication

The current oil well crisis in the Gulf of Mexico is presenting several people with the opportunity to practice good to great crisis communication skills. The President of the United States, Governors of the various states around the Gulf and all the companies involved in the oil platform have been in front of the press almost daily for the past month or so. How do you think they have performed?

The Decker Company does consulting on communication for organizations, politicians and individuals and often writes about how well various people are doing. According to them some of the most powerful and important people involved in this crisis are getting failing grades.

How do you think these people have performed? Who do you think Decker judges to be well prepared and well spoken in such a hot seat? Do you think President Obama has done well? How about the President of British Petroleum or Bobby jindal, Governor of Louisiana?

As a Christian leader in a church, business or association how would you do in front of a battery of TV cameras, radio mikes, newspaper reporters if one of your employees, Elders or family members was caught in a compromising position? It has happened many times before and it will happen again? Are your prepared emotionally, spiritually and legally to say nothing about prepared to face all the cameras?

Take a look at the Decker Blog and see what you think. Does it make you want to prepare yourself for any upcoming crisis? What kind of crises have Christian leaders had to face in the past? How did they do?


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Gary Sweeten said...

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