Friday, December 24, 2010

How to get People to say, "Merry Christmas"

Despite the fact that over 80% of our citizens are Christians, many businesses, schools, government agencies and individuals are afraid to say, "Merry Christmas". Why would that be true? Have American lost their nerve?

The simple answer is, "YES!" Let's face it, there are many school teachers and school administrators who are acting stupidly about many things, but they are especially losing their minds about religious topics. All of these incidents are carried out in the name of "Separation of church and state".

The general public is ignorant about this topic and our news media make the ignorance worse by reporting things that are blatantly wrong, such as saying that this phrase is in the Constitution. This phrase was used by Thomas Jefferson to some Baptists in support of their right to practice their unique approach to Christianity as opposed to the state church in their colony.

But here is my suggestion for helping people get over their fear about saying "Merry Christmas". I was in the Spring Store yesterday getting a Bluetooth for my HTC EVO Phone. (Which I love!) One of the young men that helped me was Tony R. and he had a button on that said, "Don't hesitate to wish me a Merry Christmas!" I asked him where it came from and he said it was a gift from a lady and pointed out the name of the church she attended.

I squinted carefully and saw their name: "Crestview Presbyterian Church". Wow!. I know the church, the people and Pastor Alan Landis. If you get a chance to visit with them, ask for one of their badges. Next year I am going to order a bunch to give out to my courageous friends. Let me know if you want one.

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