Monday, January 28, 2008

Christians Are Global Citizens

I often listen to the pod casts of Krista Tippet’s “Speaking of Faith” from Public Radio and two recent pod casts are of great interest to me. They speak to what is happening globally and how Christians are leading the way.

Christians have been globalists for two thousand years. Ever since Jesus gave His final marching orders we call "The Great Commission" to the Apostles, we have been traveling around the globe to make "Disciples of all nations."

To understand the role of God's people in taking peace, prosperity and healing to the world we need to do is read the stories about missionaries who risked everything to take the gospel to the world to see our importance to a global perspective. I strongly recommend these two pod casts to those interested in how we can use our faith in the global attempt to be Peace makers. Douglas Johnston from
Coach to Seasoned Believers
Consultant to Seasoned Leaders

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