Saturday, January 12, 2008

TV Ads for Jesus

For several years I have told my wife Karen about the best way to show the benefits of Christianity is to advertise on TV shows. However, we will need to choose the shows wisely to get the biggest "bang for the buck".

I think we need to place our advertisements carefully on such as DOG, The Bounty Hunter, COPS, Desperate Housewives and CSI. These and other "Reality Shows" that show the crises of Paris and Brittany's 24 X 7 are great examples of how to live without God.

Never once in all my years of watching TV have I seen a clip of the police raiding a Bible study. Nor have we seen the Cops busting down the door of a Sunday school class to confiscate their study materials. "OK you kids. Enough of that dangerous study about loving your neighbor and praying for those who hate you. That is very dangerous stuff."

I have never seen a church van being chased down a Bible Belt highway by State Police on “Most Exciting Video Chases”. We don't ever hear the miscreants yell out, “Stand back or I will throw these Communion supplies at you!”

I have yet to see a desperate group of bank robbers take hostages and threaten to kill them unless the bank coughs up enough money to build a new sanctuary. "OK you pagans. This is a stick up! Put all your money in the collection plate or the bank teller dies!"

Rosie O'Donnell says that Christians are as dangerous as Radical Muslims. We may need to place ads on "24". We could contrast suicide bombers with an all night prayer meeting with people staying "24 hours to intercede for peace in the Middle East".

Send your cards and letters to our ministry and we will see what we can do to get those ads on national TV. They may be too controversial for most networks.

We who pray together stay out of trouble together.

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