Wednesday, January 09, 2008

More on Galloping Greed

Dan Abrams, the lawyer who reports on legal issues for MSNBC, has a great video on the crude attempts by Dr. Phil to ambush Brittany Spears when she was in a psychiatric ward after encountering the police.

Take a look:

It occurred to me yesterday that our current culture is obsessed with making young, talented in actors, singers and sports' stars into compulsive, out of control freaks just so they can tear them down afterwards. Brittany is a good example of what happens when a greedy group of people from sales, marketing and media finally destroy a person. They become vultures who then eat the bones of the carrion.

There is no bigger load to carry than great potential. (Charley Brown)


paula clare said...

LOVE your tag for this post...NATIONAL LUNACY. Ain't it the truth, brother...sheesh!

I was just thinking this very thing the other day...feeling somehow responsible for Brittany's current condition.Don't WE (those of us who buy into the media hype) become part of the "paparazzi" when we watch reel after reel of "live footage" and give audience to such things? Truly we are as guilty as the guy behind the camera...I think Brittany needs our prayers NOT Dr. Phil's ambush!

Gary Sweeten said...

It is similar to watching a wreck. I am fascinated by the carnage and maybe even glad rich people are getting some humiliation. My sin is ever before me.

There is no question that this young woman as well as many other "poor little rich kids" are desperate for God's love but they get greed, lust and enabling.