Monday, January 14, 2008

Sympathy Pains

Politicians Promise Everything
The foreign readers need to understand that news media in America pride themselves on being ever so sympathetic for the poor, and downtrodden who struggle to live here in this economic wasteland.

By the way, ths stories in national media during election years are twice as likely to imply or say outright that America is falling quickly into another Great Depression. That is happening right now in many papers despite the fact that we have almost full employment and almost every public store, cafe and car lot is trying to hire more workers.
Here are some of the latest stories from the L.A. Times. People are in deep pain and may be starving.,1,2689610,full.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

The faltering economy costs Leslie Garza, 18, nearly an hour of sleep each morning; her mom won't spend the gas money to drive her to downtown Los Angeles for her job scooping ice cream. So she sets the alarm early and takes the bus. . . .

Enoch Brown, 49, a data- entry worker in Atlanta, said his annual household income is about $100,000. Yet he's riding public transportation to work so he can save on gas and parking.

Bernadette Smith, 31, has watched credit-card debt climb to nearly $40,000. That's more than her annual take-home pay, though she works 13 hours a day at two jobs. Once obsessed with the latest style of designer jeans, Smith now shops for clothes only at Wal-Mart, or maybe Target. She has come to consider a dinner at Ruby Tuesday a splurge. (I think the Federal Government should do something, now!)

Johnny Brown can't afford premium gas for his "beloved Ford truck"!

Antonio Dabu "told his wife they may have to quit subscribing to HBO"!

Hairstylist Lisa Nartowicz "still has her job, but her customers are skimping: Instead of a full dye, they just want their color retouched"! As a result, she feeds her family sausage for dinner instead of steak!

I can barely stand the sympathy pangs as I read about so many people unable to afford steak every night. No wonder Hillary and Obama are promising free medical care and Edwards is promising free steaks every night. How long it will be before they suggest free HBO in every home. ("There are two Americas. One for the rich who can afford to watch Tony Soprano and those who are forced to watch only cable on their 60 inch flat screen TV!")

The L.A. Time obviously wants to promote a feeling of anger toward the evil Mr. Bush for holding people back in America. Compared to the people in Sub-Sahara Africa and the Pacific Rim our citizens have it rough.

You just can't make this stuff up.

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