Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Listening to God

It won't be long before we have a gathering for Seasoned Believers who want to learn to talk to and listen to the Lord. When we followed up the October 13 time at Winton Woods with a small questionnaire, it became clear that a lot of people want to return to their first love and learn better how to "Abide in Christ and hear His still, small voice."

Well, put aside the date of March 15. It will definitely be a day of teaching, sharing, journal writing and listening. Our training sessions follow a DREAMS acrostic to make sure we have a time that is balanced, fun, insightful and experiential.

D=Didactic meaning talks and reading. (But brief)

R=Reflection or thinking and discussing what you are learning.

E=Experiential that practice what we preach and touch and see God at work

A=Accountability that keeps us focused on the most important learning's

M=Modeling that allows us to watch others practice God at work

S=Supernatural, encountering God's Spirit personally

On March 15 we will have a half day of DREAMS!

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