Thursday, January 29, 2009

Russia is Progressing

I called Galina a few days ago to wish her a very happy birthday. She had just returned from the graduation ceremony for the school Liferoute has set up to train Peer Helpers for the Christian Community.

The school is called, "School for the Care and Cure of Souls and this is the Module for teaching Power Thinking or how to renew the mind according to the scripture.
Galina was feeling great because the students showed such high retention and application of knowledge and skills. Let's face it; the Bolsheviks left Russia in a terrible state of irrational thinking. The Communists filled the heads and hearts of the people from childhood onward with lies, myths, misunderstandings, fears and reactivity that it will very likely take generations for the culture to recover.

The Liferoute School for the Care and Cure of Souls will serve as a beacon of light in an otherwise dreary and hopeless culture. Pray for Galina, her team and the wonderful Russian people. Pray also about ways you can support the Liferoute Ministry.

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