Sunday, January 25, 2009

Surprised by seeing my words on a web page

I just discovered my words reproduced on the web page of The American Association of Christian Counselors

The web is called and they are trying to sell their training and counselors. I suppose they liked what I had to say, but they did not ask me...

I am flattered that Tim Clinton, President of AACC, would choose me to quote. In fact, I think the folks from right here in Cincinnati, Ohio have more experience and insight about training Counselors both Professional and Para-Professional than 90% of the people in our profession.

The Teleios Center we founded at College Hill Presbyterian Church in 1976 is still offering training and Para-Professional Care and Counsel. Call them at 513-541-5676 for help.

Equipping Ministries Inc that we founded in 1978 is still training hundreds of care givers each year all over the earth.

Teleios Centers in Norway, Denmark, Russia, Singapore, etc are providing Christian care and healing for thousands of people. PTL! The Lay Ministry Model is growing. Nothing can stop this revolution. God is doing it.

Gary Sweeten

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