Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bless Obama

Bless our Nation

Today is a great day for the USA. The people have spoken and elected a man who is half African and half European to be the President. It is a great honor for him and a testimony to the ability of Americans to go beyond the racism and fears of the past.

Every President is elected with dreams and expectations that are optimistic and even unrealistic. Mr. Obama inspires many to think that he can do miracles. This means that he needs our prayers even more than most new Presidents. He is a mortal and only God can do miracles.

The media have not helped Mr. Obama. Their chronic adoration and lack of any balanced reporting have raised expectations too high. Now every imperfect decision he makes can bring about despair from the "True Believers". The hatred of Mr. Bush leads them to idolize Mr. Obama and give him almost Messianic powers. Those with Bush Derangement Syndrome tend to use their hatred to divide not harmonize and Obama can quickly become their target.

I am praying for Mr. Obama to have wisdom, protection and spiritual insights that are way beyond his human frailties. The world is fallen, broken and violent and the election of man with African blood and a smooth voice will not cause wars to cease or old hatreds to completely wane. Let's give him a chance to succeed.

May God watch over him and his family and guide the decisions and actions of this young man and his team. I want the best for him and for our nation as well as the rest of the world. All humans carry the imago Dei and deserve our respect and encouragement. God commands that we pray for our leaders and offer them our loyal support whenever possible. I ask every Christian to pray often and intensely for Mr. Obama.
Gary Sweeten

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