Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Habitat for Humanity Founder Passes into Glory

Unleash your faith and change the halls of power!
Millard Fuller, one of the founders of Habitat for Humanity died yesterday. His passing leaves a tremendous gap in the people who have used their treasure, gifts and talents for God and good.

One of the most important movements in the world the past fifty years has been a transition in the church from depending exclusively on theologically trained leaders to leadership by what used to be considered "The Laity". There has never been a more radical shift in Christianity than the transformation from professional led structures to those that are powered and led by men and women from the grass roots.

Millard Fuller was a millionaire whose commitment to Christ led to a radical change in his lifestyle. He gave most of his money to charity but retained the genius that led him to amass a fortune. He was an entrepreneur of the highest order and used his gifts, talents and innovative nature to build one of the largest and most successful charities in the world.

We desperately need more men and women like Millard Fuller and his wife. The only way the issues and problems that confront us around the world can be solved is if ordinary men and women use their God given strengths to tackle these seemingly intractable problems.

Who is the next Millard Fuller who will lead the challenge of health insurance? What woman or man has the gifts and insight to start a ministry to help single moms? Where are the people whose financial acumen to train churches how to unleash better ways to rear children?

Here is the first rule of being a social/spiritual entrepreneur. Do not allow anyone in authority stop you from using your strengths to change the world where you live. Take a look at my web page to see how to get involved.
See the Chronicle of Philantrophy for more information.

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