Monday, February 09, 2009

Leadership Must Slow Down

I recently found a listing of "The Top 100 Blogs on Leadership". When I went to the site I found one blog named, Slow Leadership. I like that title.

Leadership is slow because peopole change slowly. Organizations change even more slowly and we leaders are way to fast in how we expect them to change.

In my books on listening and influence I have often noted that a listener's mind runs ten times faster than another person can talk. That menas we are uring the speaker to talk faster or we will interrupt them to get our ideas into their mouths. As my friend Larry Chrouch says, "I am not an active listener but I am an active interruptor." (Larr is really a great listener.)

Leaders who interrupt and try to hasten change usually end up slowing it down.
It is not possible to push a chain. It is also not possible to push a church. Good leaders attract others and pull them forward. Are you pushing or pulling?

Gary Sweeten

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