Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Making Every Stressful Thought Peaceful

I am preaching this Sunday at Tri County Assembly of God on Route 4 in Fairfield. The focus will be on kicking off a series of Wednesday evening classes at TCA on Renewing the Mind.

As one of my friends from College Hill Presbyterian Church told me over thirty years ago, "This is what we need to get out of bed every morning."

In my life as a Pastor and Counselor as well as a Parent and partner there has been nothing more important than learning how to renew my mind. At least 95% of the clients I have seen in Therapy over the years could have prevented most of their emotional pain had they learned how to "Capture and Renew Irrational, Toxic Thoughts".

Thousands of people have been through our classes called Rational Christian Thinking or something similar. They are being taught in hundreds of churches and ministries around the earth. The simple truths we teach have liberated the poor, the hungry, the depressed and the addicted from their prisons of pain.


How do you know if you need to make Toxic Thoughts into Peaceful Thoughts? That is easy. If my Self Talk makes me Anxious, Worried, Fearful, Angry, Guilty, Ashamed, Physically Numb, etc I am making myself miserable. Misery of the emotional kind is not healthy, helpful or necessary.

I learned very early in life what making miserable looks like. My Maternal Grand Dad made himself so miserable that he went to bed and stayed there for seven years. I know the process well because I nursed him daily for all seven years and heard him talk himself into misery.

My mother was very much like her father. Her melancholy mind set also tended to make her miserable. That is until she met some young women whose lives had been filled with chaos, abuse and terror but who made the most of things. That caused my mother to change at age 75.

Change is possible! You can choose to feel peaceful even when things are not going well. Pain is inevitable but you can choose not to make you miserable.

Come to the sermon Sunday and then sign up for the seven weeks of fun filled, faith enriched, power thinking classes. You will not regret it.

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