Friday, September 11, 2009

Remember The Victims

Dr. Carol at the Medical Tent. She cared for a lot of people.

Carla and I are standing next to a mural of the Towers in one of the fifty story buildings down the street from Ground Zero. From the top of that building we could see first hand the rubble, destruction and chaos that was the result of the terrorist attacks.

I wept this morning while listening to the radio. I returned emotionally to that day and those weeks eight years ago. How do you feel?

I was there. In person, two weeks after the attacks. The Salvation Army asked Life Way Counseling to provide four Therapists to fly to New York so we could set up a Counseling and Pastoral Care Station for the first responders. We gave out food, clothing, drinks, medical care and TLC.

We met the first responders and listened to their pain, grief and sorrow. It was a privilege and a traumatic time for me but nothing like what was happening to the first responders who were looking desperately for friends and family members.

Carla and I were on from 1:00 AM until 1:00 PM for a week. The Cops and Fire fighters had been up for two weeks with no rest. I was able to listen to them, pray for them and encourage them. Some had break downs because the grief brought back so many old trauma memories. PTSD can last a long time.

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