Saturday, September 12, 2009

Who Destroyed the Twin Towers?

Recently one of President Obama's top advisers, Van Jones, was fired/asked to resign. Van Jones, a supposed graduate of Yale Law School, had done several really stupid things but the most bizarre came into the light when it was discovered that he was one of the many Left Wing Democrats who has pushed the Congress to investigate President Bush. They claim that Mr. Bush had intentionally told the CIA to plant explosives in the Twin Towers so they would explode after being hit by the airplanes.

Anyone with a lick of common sense can see that such a claim is spurious, impossible and dumb. But, the Left Wing Nuts went completely bonkers when Bush was elected and have made and are still making a lot of deranged claims. Unfortunately, Mr. Obama and his team in the White House seem to have bought into the latest evidence of BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) and are persecuting the CIA over other bogus claims.

One of my friends from high school recently posted his belief that Bush was a criminal. He claims that the USA itself blew up the Twin Towers in order to make the Muslims look bad. Below is my response.

Dear Friend:

I flew into New Jersey with The Salvation Army two weeks after the two airplanes hit the twin towers. Our clinic works closely with the Army and they asked us to provide four Clinicians to counsel the first responders who had been on the scene for two weeks and were burned out.

(I assume you do agree that airplanes actually hit the towers? I assume you do agree that Muslims flew the planes and intentionally killed all those people? Or do you think Bush also made that up and got all the TV channels to go along with his plot. That Chaney sure is clever.)

We stayed overnight at the Salvation Army Camp some two hours from Ground Zero. We received FBI clearance after three hours of interrogation and examination by the FBI and received a photo badge. We drove down to Ground Zero through at least five check points. Each and every person in our van had to show his/her badge and it was checked against our driver’s license. It was impossible for anyone to get into Ground Zero and do mischief.

You say that the rubble was very quickly cleaned up before the cops could investigate the crime scene. Baloney! There was no hurried clean up of the rubble. Almost none of the large rubble had been cleaned up by the time we arrived. Why?

Because there were no cranes big enough to lift the very long steel beams. They could not untangle the mess until a crane was brought in from Ohio that was tall enough and strong enough to do the job. It took three days to set up the second largest crane in the world and go to work. Thus, NO hurried clean up. That was impossible.

I was sponsored by the Salvation Army who brought us there from our Counseling Center to provide medical, psychological and spiritual care for the workers, especially the first responders. I worked the night shift with several other people, doctors, psychologists, ministers, etc.

There were hundreds of visiting Cops, FBI, Fire Fighters, EMT’s, Doctors, Nurses, Ministers, Churches, Ministries, who were all around the site. We were some of the very few who had total clearance to go to the morgue, clinics, onto the rubble, etc. The Salvation Army acted as Chaplains when a body part was found. They went out to the smoke filled mess and had a prayer for the person whose remains were found. So, we were up close and very personal so we were on top of anything unusual.

We were there for a week from 1:00 AM until 1:00 PM. We had three tents of food, drinks, clothes, medical supplies and counseling. I walked all over the Ground Zero area. Because I had FBI clearance I could go any place and talk with any one I wanted. And, any one could approach me for counsel, prayer, support and encouragement. I sat and walked all night with Cops and Firefighters.

The fires in the lower levels of the disaster area buildings were still raging that entire week. One night a Fire Captain dropped a thermometer down the hole to get a reading and it was over 2,000 degrees F. There could not have been a hasty clean up with that kind of heat.

I talked with dozens of Fire Fighters, Cops, Steel Workers, FBI Agents, etc. Many of them had brothers, sons, fathers and friends under the rubble. They were frantic to recover them. Had anyone attempted to pull a cover up it would have started a riot. One Fire Chief lost two sons, as I remember. Do you think he would pull a cover up? He, and many others, were all over that steel when the heat and smoke allowed. If they had suspected any kind of set up they would have screamed to high heaven.

These men are experts in fires, types of burns, explosives, etc. They know their stuff. If they had spotted any kind of issues they would not have kept silent. There was a huge fight between the Cops and Fire Fighters. I heard about it in confidential conversations. After almost three weeks of “Search and Rescue” with the Fire Department in charge of searching for survivors, the Mayor changed the code to “Recovery” which meant that there were no survivors so it became a crime scene with the Police Department in charge. When the Cops came in to take charge the Fire Fighters were enraged to lose control and they had a riot.

Does that sound like a cover up by men who were not interested in finding everything they could?

You say people heard pops as the floors fell. Of course they did. the noise was terrible. The pop, pop, pop sounds came from the steel struts popping loose as each floor fell.

The most amazing thing I saw in that place was the total pulverization of everything in those two buildings. There were no bodies, no computers, no chairs, no desks, no carpet, no lights, nothing that would indicate that these two buildings of a hundred stories each had anyone or anything in them.

My final word on these conspiracy theories is:“Take your anti-psychotic medicines and stop all those voices you are hearing.”

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your article, it must have been a ghastly and devastating scene thank you for your help on the site.Coming up to the 10th anniversary may our prayers be for all the victims, families, emergency workers and for a way ahead filled with peace and blessing.