Friday, September 11, 2009

The Day Terror Came to America

On the day of the attacks I was in Virginia Beach getting ready to speak to a group of Professors and Deans at Regent University. I was going to talk about the power of God's love, truth and power to bring healing.

I had been there for several days teaching at Kempsville Presbyterian Church for my friend Richard Kidd. (Who is now on the Sweeten Life Board.)I was staying with John and LaRose Allman, two of God's most faithful followers and wonderful Teleios Teachers. On 9/10 John took me to the Naval Base where he had served for years as a Commander. That base is the largest military base in the world. I saw flat tops,
subs, destroyers, battleships, etc. The might and fire power of that place was amazing.

Early the next morning they took me to CBN/Regent and Richard and I sat in the Dean's Office waiting for the time to teach. We heard a shout from his office and call to come in quickly and see what was happening. We rushed in a saw the results of the deadly, heinous attack.

We all soon went up to the class room and began to discuss Christian Counseling. Before too long, however, a student came in and said another plane had hit the other tower. The University was closed and we all went our ways in anxiety, fear and trepidation. What was happening? My flight home was cancelled and I was stuck in Virginia. I returned to the Allman home and we prayed.

It was obvious that might alone was not enough. If it were the Brits would have won and the Colonies would still be driving on the left side of the road. All that military might was useless. We needed a new way to wage war. New ways to prevent attacks. New ways to get information. The evil forces that led the attacks will stop at nothing. What should we do, we asked each other.

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