Thursday, September 17, 2009

How Can Christians Reach Our Neighbors?

For years we have heard about a lot of fancy and complicated ways to win people to Christ. The Four Spiritual Laws are famous as is the phrase used by Dr. James Kennedy to share with Seniors in his Florida community. "If you died tonight what would you say to God to get into heaven?"

The following story is a very interesting approach to witnessing. And, the real work is done from home. PRAYER! Prayer? Yep, prayer.

How is that done? Read this article.

TYPICALLY GOD: Prayer creates openness for gospel

The pastor of a Christian church in Phoenix, Arizona, asked the members of
his church to randomly choose 80 people from the telephone book. He then
asked them to pray for each of the 80 names every day for 90 days. At the
same time, he asked them to choose another 80 names from the telephone book
who were simply laid aside, and nobody prayed for the people. After 90 days, church members called all 160 people and asked them whether they would allow Christians to visit them to pray for them.

"The amazing result," says Alvin Vander Griend, was this: only one person on the list of people who did not receive prayer was prepared to allow Christians to visit, whereas 69 of the 80 people for whom the church members prayed were open to allow Christians to visit. 45 even invited them into their house, offered coffee and named special prayer requests. Prayer was clearly the decisive factor causing these people to open their houses for personal prayer," he says.

Source: Mission America,

Why not try it? God might show up.

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