Monday, February 01, 2010

Can Christians be blamed for Everything?

There is a movement abroad in the land to quell complaints by non Christians about the beliefs and behavior of Christians and churches. Many current surveys say that some young people see Christians as "Right Wing Bible Thumpers" who hate sinners.

We who follow Christ are, of course, struck to the core by such charges and we want to defend ourselves from them. One way to stop these accusations is to stop all our preaching and teaching about what we really believe. Non believers love that strategy. This is one reason pro abortion groups attack Tim Tebow's public statements about his mother deciding not to abort him. Will such a plan really work for Christians? Will critics stop attacking us if we stop our commitment to the Bible? NO!

Another way to stop these complaints is to go do good works in the community. If we love people and give them stuff then non believers cannot complain. We can prove that we are good, kind and caring. Will that work? Will we always be applauded if we do good works? NO!

First, the world is often blinded to God's word and His works. We must, of course, be loving and kind and caring whether people God gets credit or not. One of the most powerful statements Steve Sjogren even penned was, "With no strings attached". We serve with no strings attached or it is not serving.

Asking people to affirm us and brag on us for doing God's works is a string. I know people "SHOULD" be appreciative but if that is our demand we are not loving but selling our kindnesses. We love because He first loved us not because we get applause.

Will the secularists, atheists, Voodoo Priests and critics affirm Evangelicals for what is being done in Haiti? Some will but most will not. The Chief Voodoo Priest in Haiti is complaining about the way what he calls, "Evangelical Christians" are refusing to help his flock. He is not criticizing Voodoo leaders from around the world or atheist leaders or secularist leaders. He is focusing on Evangelical leaders only as far as I can tell. Why is that so? Would you like to say what you think?

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